About Us

LS System Company CZ Ltd. is a supplier of building materials and professional consulting primarily in specialized applications, insulated roof cladding, groundwork, building and insulation of buildings.

The company was founded in 2004, its owner and manager Jaroslav Rybová However, the market for four years before that, she worked as a tradesman. The company employs and works with external experts, who have more than twenty years of experience in the field.

Our main customers are construction companies that deal with the construction or reconstruction of roof cladding and insulation of industrial, commercial and residential buildings, as well as investors and owners of family structures and residential buildings.

The main aim of the company's price competitiveness in addition to providing superior services and access to clients. We focus on trade with quality materials and collaboration with trusted manufacturers, from our clients - by application - then we require drainage leading work in relation to the end customer. Investors offer advice in choosing the perfect song insulation, building materials supply and quality application of mediation.